Walls and Corners

(Written by Deepika Chatterjee) A well done corner can give an immediate face lift to a room. A bedroom in a 2 BHK apartment complex, this room came with a standard light beige carpet and white blinds, quite typical for the region. However, to its advantage, it also came with a big attached balcony and… Continue reading Walls and Corners


Inchin’s Bamboo, Sunnyvale, San Francisco Bay Area

Last Friday, a friend and I went to Inchin's Bamboo in downtown Sunnyvale. Fridays are my cheat days, not that I eat dietitian approved health concoctions on all other days, but I try. Fridays, I allow myself to eat without feeling too bad. Inchin is short for Indo-Chinese, and this restaurant specializes in Indo-Chinese cuisine.… Continue reading Inchin’s Bamboo, Sunnyvale, San Francisco Bay Area