Burlingame, California. February, 2018.

Do you remember how you feel when you go on a vacation, when you have just reached your destination and are feeling supremely happy and carefree? Then, there is a sneaky feeling that slowly creeps up and comes knocking from the pragmatic corner of your brain. This feeling reminds you that it will soon be time to go back to work and the mundane. On your way back home, you will look back to this very moment, and think, was it even real? Where did the time go!
Maybe when you are 90, you will look back similarly on an evening you spent by the sea. You will remember the golden sunset and the calming ripples on the water. The man who was standing in the corner of your view with a long fishing rod, who you had thought at the time to be old, is gone. All the people who raised you are gone. All the people who taught you anything about the world and it’s rules, are gone. You will try to remember how the wind had felt on your face or what your parents had said when you called them on Whatsapp to share with them the joy of this particular twilight. But the memories are increasingly stringy. Whatsapp is now obsolete. Your heart will ache. And you will think, was it even real? Where did the time go!